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From version 2.0 of Firefox, the keys combination is shift, alt and the access key, which in my opinion doesn't seem very accessible.

Thinking of hiring my services?

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Some notes you might find useful:

  • I'm a web programmer and although I would love to design, it doesn't fall within my competences. To be able to develop a website I need the final graphic design. If you don' know a designer I can recommend you any I have worked with and I though their work was good.
  • I'm not a SEO specialist, although I use basic rules and common sense when structuring content which translates in a better ranking.
  • If possible, send me all the information you think I might need to give you a quote. “To program a website like this one” isn't enough, I won't be able to evaluate its cost as I won't know its functionalities. I need you to specify them.
  • Depending on the scope of the project, I might ask you your budget.
  • Tell me if you have a deadline. Depending on my availability I'll tell you if it's a job I can do or not.

To contact me you can use the contact form.