Community-based skill share platform, where one can exchange jobs and abilities with other Swapsee members, build one's own personal profile and network, and engage in community activities and events.


Swapsee is undoubtedly the most ambitious project in which I have been involved as in server architecture and programming time required. From July 2012 to November 2013 I was the lead developer and I took care from the design of the database up to the launch and evolution.

  • CMS for the complete management of the website
  • Social network
  • Push notifications
  • Messaging system
  • Multi language
  • Connection with social networks (facebook, twitter and linkedin) to automatically publish jobs and abilities
  • E-commerce using using credit card and Paypal. Subscriptions to services. For Paypal adaptive payments API was used that allows amongst other features a sender to send money to multiple receivers


HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and jQuery.


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Some notes you might find useful:

  • I'm a web programmer and although I would love to design, it doesn't fall within my competences. To be able to develop a website I need the final graphic design. If you don' know a designer I can recommend you any I have worked with and I though their work was good.
  • I'm not a SEO specialist, although I use basic rules and common sense when structuring content which translates in a better ranking.
  • If possible, send me all the information you think I might need to give you a quote. “To program a website like this one” isn't enough, I won't be able to evaluate its cost as I won't know its functionalities. I need you to specify them.
  • Depending on the scope of the project, I might ask you your budget.
  • Tell me if you have a deadline. Depending on my availability I'll tell you if it's a job I can do or not.

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